Superpositional Reality Grenade (deliciouspear) wrote in scorchcakers,
Superpositional Reality Grenade

ADDENDUM: Please pass this one to other people you think would be interested and fitting.

So.....You think you're immortal...

Here's the deal babies:

I need models AND to get on the scheduling STICK and the like.

I am doing a series of photoshoots having to do with various Pantheons/Mythology, those being: Greek, Norse, Finnish and Irish.


Greek will be shot in at least two gardens, a summer flowy look.

Norse will be shot partially on local beaches and partially in a nice wooden-beamed hall I have access to.

Finnish involves a trip to Mt.Rainer and possibly wearing not-enough-clothing-to-stay-warm in the snow, along with possibly some stuff inside.

Irish means driving to Mora Campground out on the penninsula.

Obviously, this means that Finnish and Irish take a FULL DAY. A weekend day most likely unless in some weird twist of fate, all my models have some other day off, in which case I will take a day off from work.

What you get:
No Pay. Sorry.

Food & Drink
Hard or digital copies of your shoot.

SO....If you're interested:
Reply here or email me at model at brightgirl dot net.
Tell me who you'd like to be and why you think you're suited.
If I don't know what you look like, send me a picture.
Send me suggestions of other people.
Include days you know you are NOT available.

Having stuff you think can be used as costume pieces is a plus.

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