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Ramblings of the cakers

16th June, 2004. 9:58 am.(deliciouspear)

ADDENDUM: Please pass this one to other people you think would be interested and fitting.

So.....You think you're immortal...

Here's the deal babies:

I need models AND to get on the scheduling STICK and the like.

I am doing a series of photoshoots having to do with various Pantheons/Mythology, those being: Greek, Norse, Finnish and Irish.

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12th June, 2004. 11:39 am.(deliciouspear)

Saturday & Sunday
June 12 & 13


Everything from clothes/costumes to furniture to stereo equipment to games.

13522 39th Ave NE Seattle

All Proceeds benefit the Northwest Tolkien Society.

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19th May, 2003. 4:31 am.(deliciouspear)

Shouldn't it be spelled "Dooooood" in our intrests list?!?!


And we should also add "Cutthroat Uno" to it.


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25th March, 2003. 3:53 pm. Sooooo.....(mspurplepearl)

We need an official NorWesCon event just for ScorchCakers.
But, I know that everyone will be suuuuuper busy Fri/Sat night, so I vote that we all "get our groove on" Thursday night just to get the pahteeeee stawted....

Anyone care to second the motion?

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22nd March, 2003. 2:37 am.(evaria)

Boo! I've been meaning to post something silly and meaningless on this for a while so i'm doing it now. Wheeee


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17th March, 2003. 1:43 pm.(peloquyn)


Usually known as Purplesmudge :)

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25th February, 2003. 6:12 pm. First trial post...(mspurplepearl)

Taking a look around....

Sure is lonely here.

Hope you all find this soon.


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